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Spanky Corners FAQ

What are the main advantages?

Spanky corners is a technique that allows you to give your DIV's a rounded finish while maintaining a sensible, low bandwidth XHTML structure, or resorting to JavaScript. The CSS and XHTML both validate.

Are there any issues I need to be aware of?

A few.

  1. The method is fairly flexible, but there is a minimum amount of HTML 'structure' required to implement it. I.E. Having a content box containing a single paragraph is not possible.
  2. IE6 uses ':first-letter' to make the top-left corner. Padding control with IE is pretty limited.
  3. At the moment Spanky makes no attempt to support IE5. In real-world web development, we would advise using condition comments to strip the curves completely in IE5.
  4. The CSS generated by Spanky makes liberal use of universal selectors (*) to keep the CSS flexible, lighter and simpler to read. However, this may not make it easy to 'retro-fit' into existing CSS layouts. Replacing the universal selectors with more specific rules will make this task easier.
  5. Spanky uses a few contortions of CSS (namely it's use of list images) that make controlling margins and padding more challenging than is usually the case in CSS.
  6. Like all new, 'lab-cultured' techniques, integrating Spanky with more complex layouts is bound to sometimes produce unpredictable results.
Can you do rounded boxes with borders?

Technically, yes. We've built a proof of concept, and hope to add that functionality to Spanky 2.0.

Can you do rounded boxes with gradients?

Don't think so.

Can you provide a zipped download to simplify things a bit?

It's currently on the TODO list.

Do I need to be a CSS Guru to use this technique?

With the code generation, hopefully not. Of course, a solid working knowledge of CSS will certainly not go astray.

I get a small gap in my some headers in Internet Explorer.

I know. You can close that gap by making a minor adjustment to the header's line-height in the conditional comments. I've tried to generate the ideal line-height automatically but rounding errors are killing me. ;)

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