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Features (click on the images for a larger version)

Text-based search. The main tool is a text-based search for HTML elements, HTML attributes, CSS properties, CSS selectors, and CSS at-rules. The search happens live as you type, so usually you'll only have to type one or two letters to get the results you want.
Detailed but succinct results. Search results show in the center panel, and have information about browser compatibility, standards-compliance, and a brief summary of usage. There are also links to further information on the SitePoint Reference web site.
Practical code examples. Code examples open in the right-hand panel, and are practical examples with summaries to show you how an element, attribute or property can be used. Code examples are syntax-highlighted, and are also editable and easy to copy — simply click inside the code example to Select-All.
Context-menu options. Right-click in the search results and you'll be given options to show a code example for the selected item, to view more information online, and — for CSS properties and selectors — to view a live demo online (the live demos let you play around with CSS in real-time, to see what things do).
DOM-based search. Click the DOM tab in the left-hand panel and you can inspect the DOM of any page — as a springboard to looking up information on HTML elements and attributes.
Search for a selected element and attributes. If you double-click on an element — or right click when it's highlighted in orange — then you can perform a selection search. This displays information about the specified element, along with all the attributes that are defined for it, plus any other attributes that are valid for it, and all the CSS properties and selectors that currently apply to it (that may be specified or inherited).
CSS inspection. Click the CSS tab to inspect the stylesheets associated with the DOM view page, from which you can get information about CSS properties, selectors and at-rules.
DOM and CSS view options. In both the DOM and CSS views, you can right-click on any item to get a context-menu with options to lookup that object, to show a code example for it, or to view more information online. CSS properties and selectors also have an item to view the live demo.