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CodeBurner makes valuable reference material for HTML and CSS available right in your browser.

CodeBurner is a suite of tools for web developers, that provides reference material for HTML and CSS, integrated with a range of popular development environments.

1 Install CodeBurner

2 Type an HTML element or CSS property in the Search field, or click an item on the page

3 View browser compatibility info, syntax, code samples and more!


Choose the version that suits you best...


Install CodeBurner for Firefox

Download CodeBurner for Firefox and get a FREE PDF eBook. Find out more …


Install CodeBurner for Firebug

Requires Firefox 3.0 or later, and Firebug 1.2 or later. Find out more …

Adobe AIRAdobe AIR New!

Install CodeBurner for AIR

Check HTML and CSS reference material with this lightweight desktop application. Find out more …

OS X DashboardOS X Dashboard New!

Install CodeBurner for Dashboard

Check HTML and CSS reference material straight from your Mac OS X Dashboard! Find out more …

OperaOpera New!

Install CodeBurner for Opera

For those who prefer Opera as their development browser of choice. Find out more …


Coming Soon

Add up-to-date reference material to Dreamweaver CS4.

In development